WHiPP Mid-Season Update

Posted by South Okanagan Minor Baseball Association on Feb 06 2018 at 11:37AM PST

January brings about the beginning of baseball preparations for the 2018 South Okanagan Minor Baseball Association and their members. The runners are in motion getting everything lined up and ready to launch!

For the players enrolled in WHiPP, January marks the mid-point of their winter skills and conditioning program. For these boys there is no “off-offseason”!

In the fall of 2017, SOMBA introduced the Winter High Performance Program (WHiPP) project. This is a skills and conditioning program targeted at highly motivated players who compete in the AA/AAA levels of baseball. It is designed to help them strengthen their on field skills, establish a healthy home fitness program and be mindful of other elements like proper nutrition and rest.

At the beginning of November when WHiPP launched, all 20 players aged 11-14 set about an 18 week program that includes two days of crossfit at Beach City Crossfit, two days a week of a home bodyweight and resistance routine, one two hour hitting and offensive gym session and one two hour defensive skills and conditioning session at the Adidas Multiplex.

Our first session included a series of benchmark measurements through agility drills, throwing velocity, along with strength and endurance challenges. This past weekend we ran our mid-point benchmark session. The results demonstrated in the data were mind blowing!

Lead coach and program director Rob Burnett had this to share…

“So far the kids in the program have been all in. They’ve been doing their home workouts, they’ve been working hard at the skill development sessions, and they’ve been working extra hard at the cross fit. The results speak for themselves. Every athlete in the program has seen significant gains in one way or another and will be primed for a long and successful upcoming baseball season.”

Clearly, these boys are keen and driven! We saw seconds axed from the 60 yd sprint, Illinois agility drill, five point agility drill, minutes added on to planking times, pushup max increases of 100%, and increases of up to 8 Mph in throwing velocity!

When asked about the reason behind the pilot program Rob added…

“Once kids hit the PeeWee age group they become a bit more interested in training to get better at the sport they’re most interested in. The past few years a number of players in the league have been looking for a high performance program that would take their skills to the next level…a program that they were more likely to find on the coast or at a baseball academy. After seeing the demand for this type of program we designed a 18 week strength & conditioning and skill development program to suit the needs of these passionate and dedicated ballplayers. This program requires a lot of dedication from the athletes…”

With the program only half way through, we can’t wait to see the further gains achieved by the beginning of the spring baseball season! Way to go Tigers!


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