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BCMBA umpire update (June 2021)

By SOMBA, 06/14/21, 10:15AM PDT


Umpire Update

As we are all eagerly waiting for the PHO messaging expected tomorrow, June 14th, in regards to lifting travel restrictions around the province and other Covid related restrictions I am asking that you will continue to observe the restrictions that will be left in place to safeguard our baseball family and that you respect the umpires as they too have had their participation in our sport turn upside down during the ongoing pandemic.

The BCBUA has reported, at this time, that they have only reached 50% of their regular membership with a 70́/30 split of youth (18U) and adults (19+), that 50% of their members are 14 or younger (most of whom have 1-2 years experience) and that they have only retained 25% of the experienced umpires that they had pre-pandemic.

That’s the bad news, the good news is that we at BCMBA trust in our member Associations coaches, players and volunteers to support and respect the umpires as they too are not only learning and doing their best but also looking forward to a positive experience this year and beyond.

The BCBUA are asking, and BCMBA are supporting, the following; [my comments in brackets]

  • ●  They can choose to work either adapted or regular mechanics based on their level of comfort without any pressure to work where they do not feel safe. [Position(s) on the field.]

  • ●  If they choose to work only with a partner because they are not comfortable running a game solo – there won’t be pressure to work alone to cover more games or to save money. [Speaks to level of experience]

  • ●  That they will not be pressured to work every day due the shortage of staff that we have – they will burn out and we will lose them. [Explanatory, don’t wear them out]

  • ●  Coaches and players and parents realize that there can be absolutely no abuse of officials at any level – for any reason. [This hasn’t changed, see Rule 13.11 Non-Confrontational or Verbal Abuse between Coaches, Players and Umpires]

    Please note, some games may only have one umpire and some, none, for which teams will need to provide their own. If the latter is the case Home Team would supply volunteers to umpire and failing that the visitors.

    I trust that this message will be pushed down to all levels of your organization and we will message on all of our social platforms.

    If you have any questions please feel free to call me at any time.

    -- Grant Butler BCMBA President c: 250-510-9886